Personal Technology Use Policy

Personal Technology Use Policy

When using PERSONAL technology, students and parents are accountable for:

(phones, iPods, tablets, personal laptops, etc…)



  • Always have permission before using personal technology.


    1. Every student at Breton Elementary School has access to a chromebook for use during school hours.
    2. Personal devices can be used when appropriate and with the teacher’s permission.



  • Understanding that Breton Elementary is not responsible for any damage or loss of personal devices.


    1. All students have access to technology at Breton Elementary School. Personal devices are brought at your own risk.



  • Only using the technology as directed by the teacher.


    1. Teachers reserve the right to decide when personal technology use is appropriate.
    2. Students will use the technology for the task as agreed with the teacher.
      1. Misuse of personal technology for activities other than the agreed task may result in the removal of the device to the office where a parent or guardian can collect it.



  • Being respectful when writing messages to anyone while using technology.


    1. We are all digital citizens. We communicate online, or through messaging with the same respect that we would when speaking face to face.


  1. Insuring all parent communication is made through the office.

    1. All parent communication MUST be made through the office unless supervised by a teacher.
      1. Students who have personal phones, family phones, or messaging devices may use their device for educational purposes during school hours when appropriate
      2. Safety is our #1 priority. If you need to contact your student during school hours, please call (780) 696 - 3555. Notes in agendas are very helpful as well.
      3. It is important for us to know changes in busing, pickups and alterations to student transportation when leaving school to make sure students are where there are supposed to be, with whom they are supposed to be.
      4. Students who use their devices during school hours for texting or phone calls without permission and supervision will have their device removed to the office where a parent or guardian can collect it.



  • Telling a teacher right away if something they see on the computer screen makes them uncomfortable.


    1. The internet is a big place. Even with the best filters, preparation and screening there may be images or text that make you uncomfortable. If this happens, let the teacher know and they will help you navigate away and plan for avoiding it in the future.



  • The WRSD network is open for legal, school appropriate tasks.

    •    The WRSD network is a monitored network. 
    •    Use the network respectfully.