Technology at Breton Elementary

Digital Citizenship means safety, respect, and responsible use of all technology and internet. All students at Breton Elementary have access to Chromebooks to enhance their learning and are learning how to use these tools in the classroom and their daily lives.


On the following pages you will find:

1 - The Seven Habits as they relate to technology

2 - The School Technology use policy

3 - The Personal Device Policy (Personal Devices: Phones, Computers, Tablets, Wi-fi enabled technology, smart technology such as watches)


All these things are important to keeping students focused, engaged, and (most importantly safe) while using technology. The Seven Habits document is a guide for our students, to help them make positive choices while using technology. The other two documents are for us (adults) to monitor and supervise proper use.


The main points to consider:

1 -   If your student brings a personal devices to school that can be used for communication purposes (phones and other tablets) students must still ask for permission to use the device as they would to call home from the office. We appreciate that communication with your child is important to you, which is why the office is ready to relay any messages. Students may use personal phones to call home as well, but only home room teacher permission, no exceptions.

2 -   We can not guarantee the safety of devices at school. They bring them at their own risk and assume zero responsibility for any loss or damage.

3 -   All students have access to Chromebooks at school.


Breton Elementary School Staff