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Breton Elementary Leadership Day Coming in March 2016

Staff and students at Breton Elementary are getting excited about, and starting to prepare for, a very special event in March—our very first Leadership Day!

We have now been a Leader in Me school for 4 years, and feel we are ready to showcase and share with others the amazing things that are happening here at Breton Elementary because of the Leader in Me, and the powerful ways it has transformed our school, students, staff and school community for the better.

On Tuesday, March 22 (from 11:00—2:00) we are opening our doors to any interested community members, parents, teachers or representatives from other schools to allow them to come and learn about, and see first hand, what the Leader in Me is all about.

Guests will be treated to testimonials from staff, students and parents about the ways the Leader in Me has affected their lives, as well as get the opportunity to visit classrooms and talk with kids and BES staff about their experiences with this process.  They will also learn more about what the Leader in Me process is about, and how to bring the same amazing process back to their schools, homes or workplaces.

There is no cost for the event, but interested persons must contact the office to register, as there is a limited number of spaces available. Lunch is also provided to all participants.

If you are interested in registering for this event, please contact Miss Joanne at the office at 780-696-3555.


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